So what’s the story with Gloomhaven?

The story is: here and gone. Its a familiar tale for this character, and one likely to be repeated. Gloomhaven, in case you didn’t know, is the massive hit, dungeon crawler, campaign game from independent designer and publisher Isaac Childres. It has soared to the very top of the charts at number one on the ratings. No mean feat for a self-published game first released using Kickstarter in 2017. Now, this game won’t be for everybody – its a big, meaty, long term proposition that is the exact opposite of a quick casual game. And it isn’t small or cheap, weighing just under 10kg and sold by us for $225. But it does promise hundreds of hours of interconnected, campaign style gameplay with innovative, simple mechanics and an immersive multi-branching story line. Oh – and its fun!

Now we’ve piqued your interest, the bad news is that the latest reprint has hit our shores, in limited numbers, and we have already sold out. Cue sad face. And we don’t have any information of when the next wave will arrive, but don’t expect it will be soon – probably not this year. While we aren’t going to do our competitor’s work for them, there are still a number available from New Zealand stores. Some are online, and also keep your eyes out around the physical stores – definitely your friendly local game store, and also (believe it or not) some of the mainstream toy and book shops. I happened to spy one walking in a store front while I was walking down Lambton Quay this morning.

Don’t say we don’t have your gaming interests at heart!