New to Store and Restock Updates – Aug 2018

Updating you about the pending progress of new and restocked games coming into New Zealand and Seriously Board.

Game Status Date
Evolution: Climate In stock
Raiders of the North Sea: Solo Variant In stock
Pandemic: On the Brink Restocked
Azul Restock due Imminent
Evolution Restock due Imminent
Ticket to Ride: New York Restock due Imminent
Concordia Restock due 30 Aug
Majesty: For the Realm Restock due 30 Aug
Roll for the Galaxy Restock due 30 Aug
Scythe Restock due Oct 2018
Gloomhaven Restock due Unknown
Potion Explosion On the way Imminent
Scythe: The Rise of Fenris (expansion) On the way Imminent
My Little Scythe On the way 23 Aug
Sagrada On the way 30 Aug
Condottiere On the way 20 Sep
Terraforming Mars: Prelude On the way 20 Sep
Fog of Love On the way 18 Oct
AuZtralia On the way 31 Oct
Keyforge On the way 31 Oct
Betrayal Legacy On the way 19 Nov
Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition On the way 22 Nov
Terraforming Mars: The Colonies On the way 22 Nov

Most of the information in this post is from our suppliers, and while we try and give you the good oil, sometimes things change, so don’t bet the bank on it. Also, the dates above are generally when the supplier is expecting them – we may wait several days before we have items in stock.