New to Store and Restock Updates

We have some exciting new titles just in stock:

The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire: a new resource management and worker placement science themed game in the same line as The Manhattan Project, with a slightly less controversial theme!

Burgle Bros.: the third offering from the talented designer of Paperback, this game provides unique play aspects for players cooperating to conduct that big heist.

Dominion Big Box (Second Edition): a great way to establish a Dominion plus expansion gaming set and increase the maximum player count to 6.

Eldritch Horror: The Dreamlands: the latest big box expansion for this eternally popular game of Lovecraftian horror.

Plus we have restocks of:






Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails

And here’s some updates regarding pending new and restocked games coming into New Zealand and Seriously Board.

Game Status Date
Alchemists: King’s Golem On the way 17 Mar
Agricola 5-6 player extension On the way 24 Mar
Sherlock Homes: Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper On the way 24 Mar
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Restock Due 24 Mar
Time Stories – Expedition Endurance On the way 24 Mar
Dark Souls: The Board Game Kickstarter Apr 2017
Santorini On the way 14 Apr
War of the Ring – Lords of Middle Earth On the way 14 Apr
Terraforming Mars Restock Due 21 Apr
Raiders of the North Sea Restock Due 1 May
A Feast for Odin Restock due Unknown
Concordia Delayed Unknown
Forbidden Desert Restock Due Imminent
Imhotep Delayed Unknown
Mansions of Madness Restock Due Unknown
Robinson Crusoe Delayed Unknown
Scythe Restock due Unknown

Gloomhaven: sorry, we missed out on the allocation of this game. Apparently there were 2000 copies available internationally and 24000 pre-ordered by distributors and retailers. There will be a reprint though! 🙂 But we have no ETA for that. 🙁

Most of the information in this post is from our suppliers, and while we try and give you the good oil, sometimes things change, so don’t bet the bank on it. Also, the dates above are generally when the supplier is expecting them – we may wait several days before we have items in stock.