New listings – games and expansions!

After a slow start to the year we’ve had a flurry of new games coming in and more to come yet. We have new games in:

Bethel Woods: the new easy to learn but hard to win cooperative game from Garphill Games, fresh outta Kickstarter.

Food Chain Magnate: a true gamer’s game, this monster comes in a plain looking box that disguises many hours of serious brain work and play.

Loony Quest: Spiel des Jahres nominee from 2016, this is a family level game of tactical planning committed to drawings.

The Grizzled: first time retail in New Zealand, this little but highly thematic card game from CMON (Cool Minis Or Not) is another hot offering from Europe that has gained a real following and reputation there.

And expansions too:

Deus: Egypt: this brilliant game feels to us like a successor to Catan, and this expansion provides a whole new set of game play with cards that can be wholly substituted for the originals or simply mixed in.

Android: Netrunner – Quorum: the last datapack in the Flashpoint cycle for this highly rated two person card game.

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Eons: new creature races just keep coming in this further expansion for the classic space negotiation game.

Dixit: Revelations: a further expansion for the award winning family game of story telling and puzzle solving.

And not so new but new to store, we have finally sourced the very highly rated combative card game for two players:
Star Realms

Star Realms: Colony Wars

Plus some long awaited restocks too:

Arkham Horror
Ca$h ‘n Guns
Pandemic: In the Lab
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Shadows over Camelot
Small World