Big Games Coming – Updates

Gloomhaven and GKR: Heavy Hitters are two huge games eagerly awaited, and we are going to be stocking them both! So here is an update about them both.

Gloomhaven, currently sitting at number two on top rated games, is being distributed as part of a Kickstarter campaign with additional copies made available through normal retail channels. The important thing to note here is that we retailers will not be receiving the games to sell until after Kickstarter backers receive theirs. And we do not have an expected time of arrival for those retail copies. It is very unlikely to be prior to Christmas, but we will absolutely let you know when we have them for sale! We don’t have a confirmed price yet, but expect them to be around the $225 mark.

GKR: Heavy Hitters is a huge miniatures board game by Weta Workshops that we pledged to on Kickstarter and has an official estimated arrival time of December. While Weta have reported things are on track, there is a healthy degree of scepticism amongst experienced Kickstarter game backers (including us) that GKR will be out prior to Christmas. But you never know! If not then it won’t be too far after. Once again we will be announcing when we have them in, and check out this prior post for information about reserving a copy HERE.