Awesome restock and cool new games too

We’ve just had a great restock with some long awaited games as well as some favourites that keep disappearing out the door!

New in store

Elysium – The new and long anticipated card drafting, set collection, Kennerspiele nominee is finally here.


The King’s Armory – fresh from Kickstarter, exclusive (in NZ) to Seriously Board – tower defence now has a great new game for your tabletop!

Android Netrunner: Chrome City expansion pack – about time, you say! So do we!

Chrome City

Awesome restocks

More on the “about time” front! Ladies and gentlemen, for your gaming pleasure, we now have back in stock and ready for shipping the following delights.

Mansions of Madness

Buy Mansions Of Madness NZ

Android Netrunner

Buy Android Netrunner NZ

Android Netrunner: The Spaces Between
Android Netrunner: Trace Amount
Android Netrunner: True Colors
Android Netrunner: Humanity’s Shadow
Android Netrunner: Breaker Bay
The Resistance

Buy The Resistance NZ
The Resistance: Avalon
The Resistance: Coup
and one of our personal favourites
Eight Minute Empire: Legends

Eight Minute Empire Legends

Come get ’em!