Welcome, SKY TV Viewers!

If you’ve come here via the SKY TV Pillars Of The Earth promotion, then let us show you around the place…

SeriouslyBoard recently partnered with SKY TV for a giveaway promotion for the SoHo screening of the Pillars Of The Earth mini-series, based off the novel by Ken Follett.

SKY TV gave away copies of the board game and we’ve put on a special offer to celebrate.

If you want to have a look around at the other games we have for sale, go for it – if you have a question¬†to ask, feel free to contact us – and when you’re done, head on over to our special Pillars promotion page which we made just for you!

And when you’re done with all of that, don’t forget to look us up on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Happy gaming!

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David and Angela