Try Before You Buy At!

Have you ever held back from buying a game because you’ve never played it before?  Have you sometimes wished you could test out a game to see if you like it, before handing over your hard earned?

Well, with, your wish has been granted! is a new website that was launched earlier this year as a place to give games a trial run before deciding whether or not to add them to your collection.

We at SeriouslyBoard love the idea, and we think it’ll be of great benefit to New Zealand’s board gaming community.  So we’ve decided to lend our support to this new venture with a 10% registration discount on our range for everyone who signs up to the rental service.

There are also discounts that activate for every rental you make, and they aren’t exclusive to the game you rent.

BoardGameRentals have great prices on a great range of games.  They also have an April registration special, granting new members a $10 discount on their first rental, so there is no time like the present to sign up and get involved!

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David and Angela