SeriouslyBoard’s FaceBook Fanaticism

A couple of days ago, SeriouslyBoard‘s FaceBook page gained its 50th fan, so we decided to do something to celebrate our first FaceBook landmark by offering a special discount to our pioneering posse.

Want in on the action?

Our FaceBook page is a great way of keeping updated with what we’re up to, as well as providing discussion and adding photos and videos.  Our FaceBook fans also get exclusive offers as a thank you for their dedicated support.

If you’re already a fan of SeriouslyBoard on our FaceBook page, you should have received a code to get 5% off any purchase during the month of February.  The new FaceBook is a bit different to navigate, but you can find the special by clicking on ‘Messages’ from the main page, followed by ‘Updates’.  Or, to save time, you can just click here.

And if you’re not already a fan, make sure you become one, because we’re working to grow and nurture the national board gaming community one gamer at a time, and it just wouldn’t be the same without you!

You can find our FaceBook page here.  Happy gaming!

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David and Angela