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The past week has been an indescribably difficult time for the nation as a whole, but for Christchurch in particular.

The New Zealand Red Cross have set up a 2011 earthquake appeal, and we at SeriouslyBoard are planning to contribute – but we want your help.

As with many Kiwis, we want to provide a financial donation to the New Zealand Red Cross, so we’ve decided to donate $1 for every product sold in the month of March.

This means that if you buy one product, we’ll donate $1.  If you buy two products, we’ll donate $2.  If you buy three products…well, you get the point!

We have something else in mind to raise money, but that will take a lot of time and organisation, so in the meantime, help us to donate by ordering in March!

And if you’re not in a position to place an order, we encourage you to go to the New Zealand Red Cross directly and donate there.  Every cent helps!

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