SeriouslyBoard Has Sold…And It’s Here To Stay!

We’re excited to finally announce that and Board Games By The Bay will have new owners within the week!

That’s right: by Monday next week, the business will be in the tender care of someone else.

We’re sure this will raise some questions, so here’s a quick FAQ:

Wait – What? You’re Selling?

Yes we are! Despite making the news of our intention to sell as public as possible, some people missed the memo from late July. Put simply, David and Angela are eager to spend more time with their two little expansions. For the longer version, click here.

Next Monday, You Say…Isn’t That A Bit Sudden?

Yes and no. It’s true that Monday is less than a week away, but we’ve been in discussions with the new owners for a few months. The reason we’ve timed the hand over to happen next week is two-fold:
1. Hosting one last BGBTB before we sign off enables us to engage with our beloved customers before we go, and it’s a sensible move logistically to transfer stock and equipment from us to the new owners at the same time.
2. It ensures the new owners of SeriouslyBoard hit the ground running as the Christmas rush reaches full steam, and you get to meet them before they do!

Did You Just Say “One Last BGBTB”?

BGBTB is here to stay! This weekend marks the last BGBTB organised and run by David and Angela, but the new owners have pledged to continue the events into the future. This is fantastic news for the New Zealand gaming community. Hopefully we’ll be able to come along as regular punters in the future, but in the meantime, BGBTB Auckland 2014 is your best chance to interact with us while we’re still in charge.

What About My Pre-Ordered Games?

If you’ve placed a pre-order for something that hasn’t yet arrived, there’s no need to panic. The order is still live and in the system, and when your products arrive, they’ll get sent out to you. It’s business as usual on that front.

And Kickstarter?

If you’ve expressed interest in a particular Kickstarter project that SeriouslyBoard has pledged for, the new owners will have your name and email on file. If you’ve already paid for it through the website, (such as Tiny Epic Kingdoms or Chaosmos), then your order is still there in the system. When those products arrive they’ll get sent your way.

Who Are These ‘New Owners’ You Keep Mentioning?

We’ll be announcing those details on Saturday November 22nd. If you’re coming to BGBTB this weekend, you’ll get to meet them in person. If you’re further afield, keep an eye on our Facebook page or our blog for those details. All we ask is that you support them as much as you’ve supported us over the past five and a half years!

What Does The Future Hold For The Original SeriouslyBoard Crew?

Who knows? David has always wanted to try mountaineering and Angela would be a brilliant hand model…

Honestly, we’re going to be filling our days with as much family time as possible and making the most of enjoying the girls while they’re still really young. But we won’t be lost to the board gaming hobby. And Craig will still be hard at work behind the scenes, making sure your favourite web store is functioning just as it should.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

Yes. Just before we sign off, we’d like to take a moment to thank you for being the most amazing customers any store could ever wish to have.

For five and a half years, we’ve strived to bring something special to the New Zealand market by way of excellent customer service, taking an “under promise and over deliver” attitude with fun things like sending chocolate treats with each order, and helping to grow the hobby through community events. We’ve been endorsed by people like former Warriors and Kiwis centre Jerome Ropati and Politically Incorrect Parenting guru Nigel Latta. We’ve interviewed world renowned game designers like Reiner Knizia and Martin Wallace. (Heck, we were even instrumental in bringing Martin Wallace into New Zealand…possibly!) We certainly feel like we’ve made our mark.

But more than all of that, many of you have become personal friends, which seems fitting given that the products we sell are designed to encourage social interaction. And if “we made new friends” is any measure of success, we reckon we’ve hit the jackpot!

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