SeriouslyBoard And Board Games By The Bay: An Update

As many of you know, we put SeriouslyBoard and Board Games By The Bay on the market in late July.

The process of figuring out the company’s future has taken a lot longer than we’d expected – partly due to the large number of interested parties, and partly due to events beyond our control.

But now, with gamers beginning to ask if Board Games By The Bay is happening in Auckland in November, we thought we should give everyone a brief update.

At this stage, we have exciting offers in front of us and we’re really positive about what the future might bring for SeriouslyBoard. At the end of this week, we’ll be engaging with those who have tabled offers in a final negotiation process to nail down just what’s going to happen with business. In the meantime, the business has continued to grow – more than 10% of our current Facebook support base has joined since the business went onto the market!

But most crucially, we want to make it clear that BGBTB Auckland WILL go ahead as originally planned in late November. Purchase tickets if you haven’t already, and feel free to encourage/persuade/strong-arm/press-gang others to do the same!

We’ll let you know exactly what’s happening with the full business when that’s all been arranged. Until then, it’s business as usual, and you can get tickets at the official website!

BGBTB Auckland

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