Seriously bored? Seriously board!

We’re excited to be building New Zealand’s premier online shop for board games.

Settlers of Catan.

With a cupboard overflowing with games, we were frustrated by the in-store prices and the online shopping experiences we’ve found; we hope we can do better! As enthusiasts ourselves we’d love to help you get started with a new game, find a winning strategy and kick your mates up and down the board.

We’re building a great place to buy board games in New Zealand. Our first titles for sale will be from the popular and award-winning Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Alhambra series.

David and Angela are heading up the community here on site, and they’ll be the ones answering your questions, posting your orders and hunting down your requests. Craig is the code-monkey working on the website and making sure you enjoy visiting the site and shopping with us. Drop us a line…

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