Seriously Board is For Sale!

Seriously Board has gone from strength to strength since we purchased it in 2014, but due to personal reasons we wish to part ways with owning and managing a business. With some sadness and reluctance we are looking for potential future owners, and invite expressions of interest for our thriving online retail store and brand. Seriously Board is exceptional among local online board game retailers having started in 2009 and being sold to us as a going concern in 2014, and from then on we have grown sales and the business substantially. At this time we are making separate arrangements for Board Games By The Bay. If you are interested in purchasing Seriously Board, please email us at and we will provide further information.

We have a number of very happy and loyal customers who might be wondering why we are doing this. Seriously Board is an extremely strong business in a flourishing market. Since we purchased Seriously Board three years ago we have almost doubled both turnover and gross profit. Seriously Board has listed over 150 new products every one of the last three years. We field numerous requests for assistance and gaming queries on a daily basis, publicise perhaps the most complete single list of New Zealand board game groups and events, and were the initial point of contact for the majority of mainstream media stories about modern board gaming in New Zealand over the last three years. Seriously Board provides sponsorship to a variety of game events around the country, and has a strong social media presence with 1700 Facebook Page followers, 2600 Twitter followers, and a strong monthly email newsletter reach.

All of which is why we have made the decision to sell this thriving and successful business. Some of you are already aware we run this as a hobby business in the evenings and weekends while working separate full time jobs. We no longer feel we can give Seriously Board the hours and energy it and our customers need, so it’s time to see if anybody else is up for the challenge.

Of course, there will be a number of you who will have the burning question “what is going to happen to Board Games By The Bay?” Ensuring the continuity of BGBTB is really important to us and we are delighted to be in the process of finalising an arrangement that we are sure you will be very happy about. And yes, we will be at the next Board Games by the Bay event.