Restocking and Stocking Fillers

Hi everybody, this is Natalie and David writing our first update as the new owners and operators of Seriously Board, and what a full on start it’s been! A frantic restock followed immediately by the Christmas rush – it’s been an exciting ride so far. We have a bunch of games in stock and a whole lot flying out the door every day. We have been doing our best to get things in stock for Christmas and are quickly learning what’s hot right now.

We have Camel Up (winner of Spiel des Jahres 2014), new release Five Tribes and the very popular A Game of Thrones: The Board Game. We also have plenty of classics in, such as Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Carcassonne and Alhambra. And lots of very cool stocking fillers, like Love Letter, Hanabi and a whole bunch of Android: Netrunner expansions. We just restocked Forbidden Desert and its older brother Forbidden Island – great co-operative games that are easy to learn, fun to play but not so easy to beat – and they come in smart metal tins at a very nice price just right to give as a Christmas present.

There are some games that we are desperately waiting to get back in stock, including Dead of Winter and Tokaido. Unfortunately there is a logjam off shore that is impacting the supply for New Zealand retailers as a whole, and there is nothing we can do about that. We simply don’t know when they are going to hit our shores and stores, but believe us, when we know, you’ll know! And in a shameless commercial plug: perhaps consider buying a Gift Certificate so the lucky receiver can purchase what they want when the game finally comes in?

One thing that is pretty clear to us is there is a massive choice of great games and the biggest challenge in life is finding the time to play them all! We are personally struggling with having to send out games to our customers that we so want to play ourselves – perhaps we may need to work on our understanding of what selling games is all about? Anyway, as we settle in and catch our breath you can expect more regular updates on a range of game related subjects. We will be also turning our minds in the New Year to preparing for Board Games By The Bay in 2015, and keeping up the great work and community engagement that David and Angela pioneered and developed.

In case we don’t post another update before Christmas, have a great, fun and safe festive season, and … well … Happy Gaming!

Nat and Dave

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