Pre-Order Update: Eclipse, Tsuro, And Tsuro Of The Seas

For those of you who have been waiting for Eclipse, that wait is almost at an end!  Plus we have two more great games on pre-order! 

Eclipse is a space-themed 4X game that is hugely popular – and when it was first published it sold out worldwide almost instantly.  By the time it reached New Zealand, every copy had already been pre-ordered!

And the reprint is almost here – due to arrive in July!  We’ll be trying to secure as many copies as possible because we know this one is popular!  If you’ve already contacted us for a copy, we’ll be in touch.  And if you haven’t, here’s a brief overview:

The other exciting piece of pre-order news is that Tsuro, and its sequel, Tsuro Of The Seas, are both NZ-bound and are expected to arrive in August!  The original Tsuro came out almost a decade ago and we’ve been trying to track it down for 2 years, because it’s just…so…good!

Pre-order Tsuro HERE.

And hot on the heels of Tsuro’s reprint comes the release of its sequel, Tsuro Of The Seas.  It has similar gameplay mechanics to the original Tsuro, with some exciting additions.  Check out the video overview on the publisher’s Kickstarter page.

Pre-order Tsuro Of The Seas HERE.

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