Party Central

September 1st marks the beginning of spring, but more importantly, the end of winter.

We reckon that’s worth celebrating, and while SeriouslyBoard may not be hosting the proposed post-World Cup celebration venue on the Auckland waterfront, we do know a thing or two about party games.

Even a social hermit knows that not all parties are the same, so different games suit different vibes.

Take, for example, the more laid back gathering.  A quiet evening with some friends is ideal for a game like 2010 Spiel des Jahres winner Dixit.  You’ll get to know new people, and learn more about those you already know in this brilliant social game.  Make sure you get the expansion, Dixit 2, to get the full variety of options on offer.

If you’re looking for something that requires less thinking and a more raucous response, try Say Anything.  This is a game that refuses to take itself seriously. It will require fast wits and is bound to result in plenty of laughter.

But if those are too relaxed for you, and you want something that requires you to be a bit more active, nothing beats Jungle Speed.  You’ll need to be prepared for a bit of physicality and general madness.  We could get into the details of how this game is played, but why bother when we can just show you this video?

So no matter what form your party takes, SeriouslyBoard has a solution that should fit perfectly!

David and Angela