Out Of Town…Again?!?

The SeriouslyBoard crew will be out of town on Monday and Tuesday, but we promise we have a good reason: David’s grandmother is turning 100!

It isn’t every day that you wake up after a century of life, but Grandma is doing that this Monday, so we won’t be back to pack orders until Tuesday evening.

This means that although we’ll try to respond to your emails in a prompt fashion, orders won’t get sent out until first thing Wednesday morning.

Looking back over the years, one thing that Grandma has been brilliant for – apart from offering sage advice, of course – is gaming.

And it’s amazing to think how much gaming has changed since she was born in 1911.

There are 3 games that I’ll always associate with my gaming Grandma:

  • Gin rummy.  This was a game we played a lot when we were growing up, and Grandma was handy at it.  And it has only existed 2 years longer than her, being invented in 1909.
  • Bridge.  A slightly older game, the auction form of bridge was developed in 1904, and it became a real hobby of Grandma’s. She joined a local club and even sought out potential opponents at her resthome!
  • Scrabble.  More than any other game, this was – and still is – brought out of the cupboard during family visits.  It was invented in 1948, when Grandma was in her late 30s, and she still knows how to hammer us with a triple word score, even at such a senior age.

But Grandma isn’t the only one who’ll be getting gifts at this time.  If you’re a Dixit fan, you can get one of our bunny promo cards by telling us on our Facebook page what you like most about the game.

You could win this promo card!

We have 5 of these cards to give away, so join in on the discussion!

And while we’re on the topic of gifts, make sure you don’t forget to sign up for our nationwide Secret Santa!  The financial requirements are extremely flexible, so sign up today!

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