One Day GST Special!

It’s a new month, and we reckon today’s just the day for a one-off special.

Hot on the heels of government announcements that GST is potentially going to increase from a rate of 12.5% to 15%, we at SeriouslyBoard decided that we wanted to get involved, too.

Never shying away from an opportunity to rip off our customers, we figured that if it’s good enough for the Beehive, then it’s good enough for the board game table, too.

So for today only, we’re offering a 2.5% price increase on all our prices.  Yep, everything will cost an extra 2.5% just for these 24 hours.  Games and freight will be more expensive.  Heck, we’ll even charge an extra 2.5% onto our non-existent emailing fees!

“Why?” you ask.

“Because you deserve it,” we cry!

Happy April Fools’ Day!  Have a great day!