Moving to Level 3

It is with pleasure we can reopen Seriously Board for orders from today.  Over the last four weeks of Level 4 Lockdown we have received many conflicting communications from various Government departments regarding whether board games are considered “essential items”.  

Our bubble included a six week old baby (our first grandchild) and as we discussed with potential customers and within our whanau about opening early we would inevitably look at our beautiful mokopuna and decide to wait.  

Essential workers have been working in hospitals and healthcare centres, ensuring that we receive food and that our power and internet continue to work.  Families have stayed away from work and schools to manaaki (care for) our wider community and the important people in our lives.

You (our customers) have missed out on having new games to entertain and educate your children.  You have missed out on new games to make the lockdown go more smoothly.  Thank you for your patience.

During Level 3, we will be using our courier service twice a week.  These essential workers have been working throughout Level 4 also and the more we can ensure their safety the better.

So please place orders.  When your games arrive, wash your hands well after you take off the plastic wrapping, enjoy your new games and please keep yourselves safe during these “interesting times”.

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David and Helen