March Special Expanded!

Just a few days ago, we launched our Power Grid Prize of two limited edition Power Grid cards, autographed by the game’s designer Friedemann Friese and artist Maura Kalusky.

The concept was simple: purchase Power Grid or Power Grid: Factory Manager and go into the draw to win one of the cards.

Simple, right?

But what if some people are such dedicated fans of the Power Grid enterprise that they already own both games?

This question was posed to us, and so in response we’re expanding which titles apply to the full range of available expansions, too, meaning the full list is:

  • Power Grid ($79)
  • Power Grid: Factory Manager ($79)
  • Power Grid: Brazil/Spain and Portugal ($48)
  • Power Grid: Benelux/Central Europe ($36)
  • Power Grid: China/Korea ($36)
  • Power Grid: France/Italy ($36)
  • Power Grid Power Plant Deck 2 ($18)

The newly added expansions are not currently in stock, but we can bring them in, so if you’re after one, just contact us to arrange payment.  All Power Grid payments received in March will go into the draw.

So to summarise, if you purchase any of the above titles, you’ll go into the draw to win one of the cards.  Buy two titles, and you’ll go into the draw twice, and so on.

Plus, if you’re a SeriouslyBoard fan on our Facebook page, you won’t just go into the draw – you’ll get a discount, to boot!