GST’s Silver Lining

The tax man cometh, but it isn’t all bad news for the SeriouslyBoard community.

In fact, some games might even be cheaper…

On October 1st, the government is increasing the GST rate from 12.5% to 15%.  The difference may seem small, but it affects everyone in the SeriouslyBoard chain: suppliers, packaging, courier services, web hosting, advertising…you get the drift.

It’s inevitable that the prices of some of our games will be affected by this policy change.

But there are a few diamonds in the rough that we think are worth noting.

Firstly, we at SeriouslyBoard will wear the GST increase for the month of October.  In other words, we won’t change our prices before November 1st.

Secondly, not everything will be affected.  One key supplier is looking to limit the impact of the GST increase by reducing prices on some core items, and that means we can keep those games at their current prices!  This means that some of our games will cost you no more in November than they do now!

And lastly, we’ve been looking into ways to make your SeriouslyBoard experience more affordable, and we’ve decided to change our packaging process.  Our boxes will now be more affordable but with no drop in quality, enabling us to drop our flat rate freight charge from $8 to $7.

Incredibly, this means that after the GST increase, some games may cost you less than they do now, once freight is factored in!

All of these changes will kick in on November 1st – so think of this news as an early Christmas present from us to you.

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David and Angela