GST Increase…Or Is It?

Now that it’s November, the new GST rate is coming into effect for our game prices.

But some of those prices have dropped…

In a recent blog post, we outlined our stance on the GST increase:

  • No price increase on any SeriouslyBoard products before November 1st.
  • Some products unaffected by the GST increase, even after November 1st.
  • A drop of price in our flat freight rate from $8 to $7 from November 1st.

However, with our supplier coming to the party and offering discounts on some core products, we can now go even further:

  • Some price decreases from November 1st.

It’s true.  For a few select games, our prices have dropped, courtesy of our supplier doing likewise.

Settlers of Catan and it’s expansions have all dropped from $79 to $76.

All Catan 5-6 Player Extensions have come down from $39 to $35.

And all Ticket To Ride base games, (as well as the Nordic Countries expansion), have gone from $89 to $86.

As for the rest?  Well, they’re staying put for the time being.  (In other words, not a single price has gone up since the GST increase!)

Are we crazy?  Quite possibly.  But we’re gamers, too.

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David and Angela