Gaming Giveaways!

We’ve added new stock to our shelves, and two items have free bonuses!

We restocked with a few favourites during the week, with Ticket To Ride, Ticket To Ride: Europe and a few Carcassonne expansions being the most familiar.

We’ve also expanded our range of card sleeves.

But what we’ve found really exciting are the free giveaways that have come with Alien Frontiers and Small World: Be Not Afraid.

Alien Frontiers has with it an expansion that was released with the second printing of the game: the Mind Control Helmet.  This expansion consists of two cards and four rocket scoring tokens, and it allows players to control the spaceship of a rival.

And Small World: Be Not Afraid, which adds more races and special powers to Small World, will have Small World: Necromancer Island sent with it.  Rather than simply adding more races, Small World: Necromancer Island adds a completely new mechanic to the game with one player granted a unique victory condition to everyone else through the use of Ghosts.

Both of these offers are subject to a strict “while stocks last” policy, so you’ll need to be in quick to take advantage!

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David and Angela