Gamer Generosity Gathers Over A Grand!

We at SeriouslyBoard are ecstatic to report that approximatey $1,200 has been raised in our international charity board game auction so far.

But you can do more than bid on a new or used game.  How about getting a new paint job done on something already in your collection?

As noted in an earlier blog post, we’ve set up an international charity board game auction on

Although the auction has only been running for a week, we have already received bids on items that total up to just under US$900, which equates to approximately NZ$1,200!

Suffice to say, we’re really excited by this figure, and with games having been added by Z-Man Games, Days Of Wonder, and New Zealand distributor PixelPark, we’re optimistic that the total will continue to grow.

But what if you aren’t looking to add more games to your collection?  Would you consider sprucing up a game that you already own?

Enter award-winning miniatures painter Russell Woodland.  A proud Kiwi who wants to offer his services to our auction – and subsequently the people of Christchurch – Russell is willing to consider and quote on board game paint work, with all money being added to the total that will ultimately end up at the New Zealand Red Cross.

Russell has some fine credentials: more than 17 years’ experience with painting miniatures including those from Games Workshop, Flames Of War, 6mm models, 1/600 WWII PT Boats and 1/3000 Naval Models.  His skills have earned him 4 awards, including 2 Best Painted Army Awards: Flames of War GT 1st Offical Tournament and NAPCON Best Painted British Napoleonic Army 15mm.

But enough talking about his painting skills.  Let’s take a look!

The hero from Doom: The Board Game.

And he has backup!

Iconic monsters from Doom: The Board Game.

Various monsters from Doom: The Board Game.

Roman infantry from Conquest Of The Empire.

The legion grows, with cavalry, ships and catapults still to be done!

We would like to thank Russell for his fantastic offer!  He is keen to consider any game, so whether you’re looking for only a few miniatures to be painted, like those in The Adventurers, or if you’re looking for some more comprehensive work, like the armies in Middle-Earth Quest, make sure you contact us and we’ll pass on your details.  Alternatively, you can find  his offer on our international charity board game auction and get in touch with him there.

And if you’re not looking for any new games, or to donate one of your own, or to get a new paint job, please consider donating to the New Zealand Red Cross directly.  Every little bit counts!

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