Findings the games you want is easier than ever

Hey – check it out – another tweak to our website (please tell us you noticed our “New to store” category added to the front page recently?) We have now increased the number of listings per page from a rather sedate 12 to a more browsing friendly 36. This should help you find the game you want just that little bit quicker. And don’t forget once you are in any of the catalogue screens you can filter by price (on the left hand side) and sort by several different criteria (on the right).

And about the Category of “New to store” – where you can see every new listing we have recently created. Not all the games listed will be new – but they will be games we haven’t stocked before. The default display listing is currently alphabetical, but you can change that order yourself to sort by “newness”. Hopefully this will be a quick and useful way for you to see what’s new in store!

New to store

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