Expansion: Early Arrival!

Quite often in the board gaming world, anticipated products arrive later than their projected release dates, but our expansion has arrived almost 4 weeks early!

The SeriouslyBoard expansion, initially slated for a June 16th arrival, was released early by the publishers last Wednesday, eventually arriving at 5:47am on Friday morning.

The expansion, named Caitlin Nicola Taylor and weighing 6lb 6oz, is in good condition, as is its publisher.  This has predictably resulted in slower response times with the SeriouslyBoard crew, but with a new expansion on board, we’re now more excited than ever to help you to further enjoy your gaming experience!

But first, a couple of photos of the expansion:

Caitlin Nicola Taylor, approximately 4.5 hours old.

The SeriouslyBoard crew with their new expansion.

Caitlin running the show and schooling her father in a game of Coloretto.