Exciting New Titles

The first month of 2012 has brought with it some exciting titles, including two limited edition pre-orders.

We’re always excited to expand our range, so our latest stock run has added wild west auction game Homesteaders and classic negotiation game Diplomacy.

We’ve also restocked with copies of Stronghold, but what we’re particularly excited about is a pair of pre-orders for highly sought after games…

 Eclipse, a space-themed 4X game of epic proportions, is already ranked in the Top 10 at BoardGameGeek and it hasn’t even arrived in New Zealand yet!

We’ve been allocated only a few copies, and pre-orders have already sold out, but we’re hoping to secure a few more units – so contact us if you’d like to get in the queue for the next available copies!

The other exciting title is Puerto Rico: Limited Anniversary Edition, a 10th anniversary remake of the multi-award winning original.  This is essentially a massive components upgrade, (including metal money!), as well as including expansions that have been released over the years and special rules for 2 players.

We don’t want you to miss out on this pre-order like some have missed out on Eclipse, so head on over to the game page and secure your copy!

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David and Angela