Crash Tackle: Another SeriouslyBoard Exclusive!

Following on from the 2010 Tri-Series, it would be easy to think that South Africa has very little good rugby to show to the world.

But we at SeriouslyBoard beg to differ.

The 2010 Tri-Nations was very much a rugby lesson for everyone that played the All Blacks.  We won the series early and removed the other teams from the equation.

Springbok bodies lie scattered as New Zealand dominates. Again.

But there is still something good to come from South African rugby circles, and that’s Crash Tackle, the self-published rugby union game from the rainbow nation.

And SeriouslyBoard are the only retailer in New Zealand who are stocking this title!

Put simply, Crash Tackle enables players to take control of a rugby team, position its players, make tackles and rucks, passes and kick the ball, force turn overs…the list goes on.

The game is simple enough for beginners to pick up, but deep enough for rugby die hards to find plenty of enjoyment in it.

For an idea of how simple but tactically realistic the game is, take a look at a basic explanation of how the rucks work:

The designers have, at our request, agreed to include New Zealand as one of the teams in every copy, along with an old foe, chosen from Australia, South Africa, England, Wales and France.

So if you or anyone you know is rugby mad, make sure you send them here, because you simply won’t find Crash Tackle anywhere else in New Zealand!

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