Coming Conventions

The early part of the year always brings with it great weather and excuses to dust off the barbecue, but it’s also the time of two popular gaming conventions.

Kapcon is happening in Wellington this coming weekend, (January 22-23).  Primarily a roleplaying convention, there is a room set aside for board gaming and with this being the 20th year of the convention, it’s certain to be a good one!

We at SeriouslyBoard sponsored last year’s convention, and we’re doing the same in 2011.  We’re donating games as prizes and offering all attendees a special discount on purchases.

If you’re behind the eight ball and want to attend, follow this link.

And in a month, on the weekend of February 19-20, another roleplaying convention with a board gaming flavour will be taking place.  Battlecry is an Auckland convention in its 27th year that will feature – among other things – a board game tournament sponsored by SeriouslyBoard.

Just like Kapcon, you’ll have the opportunity to win one of our donated games and be eligible for a discount if you attend.

All Battlecry details can be found at this link.

We hope you seize one of these opportunities to meet with like minded gamers!

David and Angela