Christmas Rush – Now Or (Maybe) Never!

For many folk, pay day will have just passed – and with only a handful of business days left before Christmas, you won’t be able to afford leaving it much later to get that board gaming gift you’ve been mulling over!

This time of year is always a great opportunity to give, but you’ll need to act quickly if you want to be able to get a gift this side of Christmas!

With payment clearance and transit times to consider, there is no time like the present (ha!) to get something for your friend, your loved one, or heck – even yourself!

So if you’re looking to buy before Christmas, here are the deadlines for your payment to clear:

  • Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga: Wednesday, December 21st.
  • Rest of the North Island: Tuesday, December 20th.
  • South Island: Monday, December 19th.

Please bear in mind that although credit card payments are immediate, internet bank transfers can take up to two days to clear!

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David and Angela