Best-Selling Board Games – April 2011

While March was a month of pre-orders, April saw a resurgence of some classical favourites, like Settlers of Catan, Ticket To Ride: Europe, and Forbidden Island.

Our best-selling board games for April 2011 were:

5. Settlers Of Catan

With more than 15 million copies sold worldwide, Settlers Of Catan is an absolute classic.  Trade resources with your opponents as you build roads and settlements on the island of Catan.

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4. Ticket To Ride: Europe

Ticket To Ride: Europe has always been one of the best selling games of the Ticket To Ride series.  If you’re looking for something for people who are just beginning in the modern board gaming hobby, this one is a must have.

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3. Saboteur

One of the best games for a larger group, Saboteur can handle up to 10 players.  Highly interactive, and quick to play, Saboteur is a great ice breaker for any gaming occasion.

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2. Forbidden Island

Released last year, Forbidden Island has rapidly found itself at the very top of our all time best sellers.  From the designer of Pandemic, Forbidden Island is a co-operative game set on a sinking island!

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1. 7 Wonders

Our best-selling title for the last two months, 7 Wonders is a card-based civilisation game which incorporates a unique turn order and simultaneous actions into a highly replayable package.

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April really did prove that it’s hard to keep a classic game down – and as with every rule, 7 Wonders proved to be the exception!

David and Angela