Best Selling Board Games – July 2011

Better late than never, here are the top 5 best sellers of July…

Our best selling board games for July 2011 were:

5. Saboteur

Great as a filler or as a way to start or end a gaming session, Saboteur offers a light and interactive experience for up to 10 players.  A fun game of bluff and counter-bluff, Saboteur is quick to play and easy to learn.

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4. Forbidden Island

Our best selling game of all time, Forbidden Island is a regular in our monthly lists.  A co-operative game where players try to escape a watery grave while retrieving artifacts from a sinking island, Forbidden Island was nominated for the 2011 Spiel des Jahres award.

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3. Dominion

Winner of the 2009 Spiel des Jahres and a thoroughly popular game, Dominion is a deck building game set in medieval times.  With most games lasting only a half hour, and with so many expansions on offer, Dominion promises a heap of variability.

*** A Dominion tournament is planned for Board Games By The Bay in Tauranga, with an overseas trip on offer for the winner! ***

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2. 7 Wonders

A hugely popular – and addictive – civilisation building game that barely lasts 45 minutes, 7 Wonders puts players in charge of building an ancient wonder.  With a simple core mechanic but various layers of depth, 7 Wonders is a highly replayable game.

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1. Ticket To Ride: Europe

A great introductory game to the world of modern board gaming, Ticket To Ride: Europe invites players to make rail connections between European cities in the early 20th Century.  One of the most popular games and often a starter to a games colletion, Ticket To Ride: Europe – refreshed by the Ticket To Ride: Europa 1912 expansion – is easy to learn, but hard to put down.

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And there you have it – the biggest sellers of July 2011!

David and Angela