Back On Board For 2014

2013 was a year of growth for SeriouslyBoard, with growth in range, events, and even family!



Our Board Games

Every year brings with it an exciting range of new games, covering every theme and playing style imaginable.  2013 brought the likes of SeriouslyBoard exclusives, like Drum Roll, Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia, and A Study In Emerald.


Our Events

Board Games By The Bay has continued to grow steadily since we first launched them back in 2011.  We held a giant math trade in Auckland, as well as tournaments for Android: Netrunner and Star Wars: X-Wing later in the year.  We also offered meta game experiences to gamers, along with a huge library, free giveaways, prizes, and games for sale at below internet prices…

2013 saw more than 500 gamers across 5 events, and we’re already busy planning what form BGBTB will take in 2014.


Our Newest Expansion

And in October, SeriouslyBoard welcomed the arrival of its second expansion, Olivia Rose Taylor, born 2:29am October 24th, weighing 7lb 8oz.  She suffers a bit from analysis paralysis, but she’ll work out her meta game strategy in short order, we’re sure!

SeriouslyBoard Family Growth

Older sister Caitlin has modified the worker placement mechanic into a worker removal mechanic.  We’re still looking for Julius Caesar…

Colosseum Caitlin


Looking Ahead

We’re really excited about 2014.  There’s a lot of positivity about what it’s going to bring to the hobby, not just in New Zealand but worldwide.  We’re planning some great Facebook exclusives, as well as BGBTB and other events like International TableTop Day.

It’s going to be great – and we’re so glad to have you joining us for the ride!

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