A French Farewell

At SeriouslyBoard, we don’t like bad news, but we discovered something today that we wanted to share.

On the night of August 5th, when the Tongan ferry Princess Ashika sunk beneath the waves, 74 lives were tragically lost. Two of those were Sami and Pauline, a French couple who had not long before travelled around New Zealand, playing board games with anyone who was interested.

Sami and Pauline were present at the Wellycon Warmup in May, and their loss is being felt by other attendees. They are being remembered for their good humoured take on Kiwi/French relations, (never afraid to refer to themselves as French spies), and for their friendly and enthusiastic personalities.

Sami, (left), playing Through The Desert at the Wellycon Warmup.

We never met them personally, but had been watching from afar as they made their Aotearoa travel plans, and we were hopeful of seeing them face to face at Wellycon.

As Wellycon sponsors, and as Kiwi gamers, SeriouslyBoard would like to extend its thoughts and prayers to all affected by this tragic loss, particularly the families back in France who will no doubt be struggling to comprehend such events.

Au revoir, Sami and Pauline.
Au revoir, Sami and Pauline.