7 Wonders Has Arrived!

After four months of delays, 7 Wonders is finally here!

Well, sort of.

Unfortunately, the order that arrived at our supplier’s was damaged in transit, so we’ve only been able to bring in enough undamaged stock to cover the pre-orders we’ve already received.

What this means is that if you’ve already pre-ordered 7 Wonders, we have a brand new and undamaged copy ready to be sent your way!  (We have a lot of such copies, so please bear with us as we send them out over the next few days – thank you so much for your patience!)

The Great Wall Of 7 Wonders

But we don’t have any additional stock, so if you’re yet to buy, the game is still on pre-order until the next shipment arrives in late June.  That means you can still get it for 10% off!

7 Wonders has been our best selling title for two months now, so you really need to discover what you’ve been missing!

And in the meantime…happy gaming!

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