2011 In Review

2011 has been a big year for SeriouslyBoard, and we wanted to take a few moments to provide our gaming highlights of the past twelve months.

But firstly, we wanted to thank you, our fellow gamers, for making our year such a success – we wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re grateful that you seem to want us to stick around!  And with more than 300 gamers now joining us on our Facebook page, we reckon it’s time to celebrate with a discount!  But more on that later…

SeriouslyBoard’s 2011 Highlights

International Charity Board Game Auction: Christchurch has been subjected to earthquakes for more than a year now.  One of the few positives to come out of this awful series is events is that Kiwis have rallied together for Cantabrians in numerous different ways.

Early in 2011, SeriouslyBoard became a contributor by organising an international charity board game auction.  Gamers from around the world, including multi-award winning designer Reiner Knizia and publisher Days Of Wonder, contributed items to be auctioned off, and the bidding resulted in a $2,598.74 cheque being sent to the New Zealand Red Cross.

The cheque that you made possible!

We were really excited to facilitate this process, and we’d encourage you to donate if you haven’t already – Christchurch could do with every cent it can get.

Reinier Knizia Interview: Following on from donating autographed games to be auctioned off, Reiner Knizia agreed to an interview with SeriouslyBoard.  This was his first New Zealand interview, and our first international one, but Dr Knizia was very gracious and, we think, provided an insightful interview.

You can find the interview here.

Board Games By The Bay: Winter saw the launch of our pet project, Board Games By The Bay.  Billed as an event for gamers and non-gamers, we rented a hall in Auckland for a weekend and essentially provided a place for gamers to learn, play, win, and buy games, while meeting other like-minded people.

We got some media exposure which gave us a result we were really after: new people joining the hobby.  Few things gave us more satisfaction than seeing someone come along, enjoy themselves, and leave with their very first modern board game!

We ran a follow up event in Tauranga later in the year, and we’re excited about running these events again in 2012.

Bookmark the BGBTB website keep an eye on our blog for dates!

SeriouslyBoard Secret Santa: December can be a pretty crazy time of year, but a number of Kiwis embarked on our first nationwide Secret Santa.  With flexible cost brackets, people didn’t have to be flush to take part, and it meant for an extra gift on Christmas Day!


Angie with her gift from Santa.

We’ll be running another nationwide Secret Santa at the end of 2012, and we’re hoping to make it bigger and better for those involved.

2011 Best Sellers: We saw a number of great games receive the favour of Kiwi gamers in 2011, but these were the most popular…

2012 Discount: To celebrate the New Year, and also to celebrate our 300th Facebook fan, we’ve decided to set up a discount code as a thank you gift for supporting us.  Until the end of January, you can get 12% off.  All you have to do is enter the discount code, which is…in the video below!

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