100 FaceBook Fans? Not Quite!

Well, we didn’t quite manage to get 100 fans on our FaceBook page, but we got close.  And most importantly, there’s still a special discount on offer!

In mid-April, we promised that if you could help to grow our FaceBook page to 100 fans, we’d respond by offering a 10% discount for the month of May.

And even though we didn’t quite get the ton – we fell just short at 93 – we still want to offer a discount for your hard work.

So because you reached 93% of our target, we’re going to offer you 93% of the discount!

In simple terms, that’s a 9.3% discount off all products for the month of May.  If you’re already a fan of ours on FaceBook, just go to the main FaceBook page, then click on ‘Messages’, followed by ‘Updates’, and your discount code is in there.

And if you’re not already a fan, make sure you become one!

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David and Angela