10% Off Until Sunday!

It’s official: the GST increase has come into effect today.

This does, of course, make the perfect excuse for a three day 10% discount!

One week ago, we announced our stance on the GST increase:

  • No price increase on any SeriouslyBoard products before November 1st.
  • Some products unaffected by the GST increase, even after November 1st.
  • A drop of price in our flat freight rate from $8 to $7 from November 1st.

And today, with everything else in our lives becoming less affordable, and as a thank you for the patience you exhibited as we endured extended downtime this week, we’ve raised a 10% discount code that will last until the end of the weekend!

To use the code, simply type the word ‘WEEKEND‘ into the shopping cart when you’ve added your games and the 10% discount will kick in.

Remember that codes are case sensitive, so make sure you use all capital letters!

We hope that this offer helps to soften the GST blow and gives you another reason to enjoy the weekend.

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David and Angela