Midway Egg Hunt Quiz

We are midway through the Great April Easter Egg Discount Hunt.  To celebrate we are having a quiz.  The submission with the most correct answers will win a $50.00 store credit.  Ties will go into a draw to determine the winner.

Clue 1: Whose builder often swanned about
Clue 2: 19.69250; -98.84389
Clue 3: Sanguine Leap
Clue 4: E Rima Nga Iwi
Clue 5: Podean Pond Pligrims
Clue 6: Same as a Brazilian airline
Clue 7: At 10kg, I'm a dismal shelter
Clue 8: Aberrant Einsteins et Indivisible Abominations
Clue 9: Mortified of it's coming: full of terrors
Clue 10: Crikey, that ain't no squid!
Clue 11: Toy Story
Clue 12: Besotted, Petrified, conversely Obtuse
Clue 13: Warriors battle in the Age of Warring States
Clue 14: The many lan's end
Clue 15: Quoth the penguin