March into Catan Sale

Don’t just settle into Catan, but March into our Catan Sale!

In March, we are taking 15% off our Catan collection

Catan, originally Settlers of Catan was first published in Germany in 1995.  The first English edition hit board gaming tables in the USA in 1996. Since 1995, 30 million copies have been sold Worldwide. 

So what is so great about Catan and why has it become so popular?  Catan has a great deal of play-ability. It is a wonderful entry level game that tamariki as young as 8 can pick up easily.  It encourages trading and a certain amount of cooperation. It has a level of luck, but also requires strategy.  

Our first version of Catan was a Traveler Edition.  We took it everywhere and taught many people during our Homeschooling years.   We now have a full Catan base game, and since owning Seriously Board have learnt about the many Expansions and Extensions. 

Go to a board game club or event and invariably someone arrives with a box full of Catan.

We will have more Catan stock arriving throughout the month, and now that we have our newly installed Waitlist Feature, we can contact you if our stock runs out before can you buy the games you want. Also, If they arrive after March and you joined our Waitlist during this month, you will still receive the 15% discount!