Junior July Sale

At a young age, games can teach skills like counting, recognising colours, shapes, letters and numbers and make that learning fun. While these skills are great, games can also develop learning dispositions of concentration, determination and resilience. These dispositions will make learning any skill later in life that much easier.

In later years, games can teach Geography (Ticket to Ride, Pandemic), History (Timeline, Imhotep, Colosseum), and Science (Organ Attack, Cytosis, Subatomic). Most games have a Maths component (Flaming Pyramids, Qwirkle, Ice Cool, Looney QuestSplendor) . Aspects of literacy are found in all games.

Good quality games played for fun can make learning a happy experience and give pleasure to young learners. The month of July we are having a sale on our Junior games. All games in our under 12 years age categories are at 15% off.