Final Quiz Winner

Congratulations Betty Jarm, winner of our Final Egg Hunt Quiz.

Betty’s name was drawn from among 5 other entrants who correctly named the last 15 games of our Easter Egg Discount Hunt.

The correct answer’s are:

16) Where the Queen of Wa reigned

17) The subject is contained

18) Something Familia

19) In illustrious company
Among the Stars

20) Royal estate contractor
Kingdom Builder

21) Roman Farmer
Agricola (revised edition)

22) Confused – I sold Dr Fox it.
Lords of Xidit

23) Pungency units

24) Gerontophobia
Eldritch Horror

25) Fabled Wonder Porch Creator
Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

26) Northerners no longer domesticated
Vikings Gone Wild

27) Basement Beastiez
Dungeon Petz

28) Boo hoo, Chaos!
Cry Havoc

29) I’m _________!
Spartacus: A Game Of Blood And Treachery

30) Coolest hat gets best loot – Dwarven Proverb
Caverna: The Cave Farmers

Thank you to everyone who participated in our quiz