FebrUWEary – Uwe Rosenberg Sale

While it’s actually pronounced “oovuh” we thought you might enjoy the play on words.  

We live in the foothills of Maunga Pirongia on two acres.  Over the last ten years we have grown fruit trees, vegetables and raised goats, pigs, cattle and chickens.  We have dogs and cats, and have frequent visits from kereru, tui, ruru, turkeys, magpies and rabbits.

We play board games and before we moved to Te Pahu, Agricola would often grace our table.  Since moving, Caverna has become a popular go to game and Bohnanza (introduced to us by a friend when our sons were young) has been a quick and fun card game for our whole family.

Until recently, I hadn’t realised that all three shared the same designer Uwe Rosenberg.  But wait, there’s more… A Feast for Odin and Patchwork are also created by Uwe.

For all of this month you can use the code UWE to get 15% off our Uwe Rosenberg collection.

And, we will be adding more titles as the month progresses