We’re Seriously Judgmental!

SeriouslyBoard’s David and Angela are honoured to have been invited to join the judging panel for the 2013 NZGA Awards.

We’re really motivated about seeing Kiwi game designs succeed, so if this can contribute to that in even a small way, we’re glad to play a part.

The panel is being led by true blue Kiwi Martin Wallace, as well as other names that are probably familiar to most of you. As a result, games will get scrutinised by people involved in the design, publishing, selling, and – most crucially – playing of games.

If you or anyone you know has a design from New Zealand, please encourage them to submit an entry. We know there are some great games being designed by our countrymen and countrywomen, and with a panel that knows a thing or two about modern board games, we would love the NZGA Awards to reflect the impressive quality of titles that have Kiwi origins.

A full list of the judging panel, along with bios, can be seen here: http://nzgames.org/nzga-announces-judges-for-2013-awards/

Submissions are only open for the month of May, so get cracking!

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