We’re Onto A Good Thing…

As evidenced in our previous blog, both Angie and I are getting really excited about the forthcoming arrival of Endeavor. It has already reached one of those I-would-buy-it-now-if-it-was-in-New-Zealand sort of situations, especially as folk overseas are already receiving their copies.

At first, I wondered if my excitement was at least in part a result of patriotic parochialism, but I’m becoming more and more convinced that this is not the case. I really think that Endeavor is going to be a winner.

Whilst browsing boardgamegeek.com recently, I couldn’t help but notice that Endeavor is currently the third most wanted game among the many users who frequent that site. Third most wanted!

That puts it right up there with the first expansion to Pandemic, (which we’ll be stocking when it arrives in the country), and two titles by renowned designer Martin Wallace. A huge congratulations to Carl and Jarratt for making it happen!

We’re looking forward to interviewing them in the near future. In the meantime, have a look at the other games we stock, as well as a couple of new features to SeriouslyBoard

Six Week Fix
If you’ve purchased a game from us recently, you’ll already know about the Six Week Fix. Put simply, if you buy a game from us, you’ll get a 6% discount off your next purchase, as long as you do so within six weeks. This is an ongoing promotion, because we reckon it’s a simple way of saying “thank you” each time you buy.

September Special
Having said that, we feel it’s about time we rewarded one of our fantastic customers with a better bonus, and we’re offering a $30 discount coupon in order to make that happen. The process is simple: for every game you purchase or pre-order during the month of September, you’ll go into the draw to win a $30 coupon that you can use the next time you make a purchase! And if Endeavor is one of your purchases, we’ll put you into the draw twice for that game alone.

We’ll announce the winner right here on the front page.

Until then…happy gaming!

David and Angela