Wellycon Wrap-Up

Well, with Wednesday welcoming us, we wondered what weary watchers would write about Wellycon.

(Okay, we’ll stop with the alliteration!)

We do, however, want to welcome those who attended (and survived) Wellycon over the weekend, and we’d love to hear your thoughts about the event!

For those who missed it, Wellycon is the country’s largest board gaming convention, and it’s growing at a rapid pace.  The 2010 event was the third time Wellycon has graced the gaming community’s horizon, and there were 110 people in attendance – more than a 50% increase on the 2009 version!

SeriouslyBoard were proud sponsors again, offering prizes and a discount to all attendees, just like we did in 2009.

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And if you attended Wellycon, we’d love to hear your overall impression of the event – please comment on our blog to share your favourite aspects of the convention.  Was it the games?  Was it the people?  Was it the ‘big room’ experience?

What stood out for you?