Wellycon Weekend Wrap-Up

It took about 20 hours of driving to get there and back, but we survived Wellycon 2011!

Queen’s Birthday Weekend brought with it Wellycon, the fantastic board gaming convention in Wellington.

As per usual, we at SeriouslyBoard sponsored the event, so we all piled into the car to make what would normally be a 7 hour drive to the capital.

Our little expansion, Caitlin, taught us that travelling with a 1 year old mkes for a slower journey – so 10 hours later we finally rolled into town!

We had a fantastic time over the weekend, playing – or losing, in David’s case – games with friends both new and old, as well as offering up a discount for all attendees, and the opportunity to purchase games on site at internet prices.

On Monday, another 10 hour drive beckoned, complete with stops in Bulls and Turangi, before collapsing on our return that night.

Angie’s Highlight: Winning 7 Wonders twice against different players and with different strategies.

David’s Highlight: Catching up with gamers from previous events.  Oh, and “letting” Angie beat me at 7 Wonders… *cough*

Caitlin’s Highlight: Meeting like-minded gamers and playing non-stop for two days!

Wave for Wellycon! So excited about being with co-gamer Alex, Caitlin's hand becomes a blur! Wellycon founder Andrew Rae is hard at work in the background.

For those of you who went, don’t forget that your 10% discount is active until the end of July!

If you weren’t there, and you want to know what Wellycon is all about, have a look at this:

And if you want to get in on this kind of gaming, check out Board Games By The Bay.  Our first event is happening in less than a month!

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David and Angela