Wellycon Recovery Underway

We survived Wellycon…but our mode of transport didn’t!

Queens Birthday Weekend had more going on than the Commonwealth monarch’s jubilee celebrations – Wellington hosted Wellycon, a board gaming extravaganza over two days.

We decided to car pool this year, travelling down in a two car convoy, and by the time we hit the desert road, the view was outstanding!

The beautiful view across the desert in the central North Island.

This was the last photo taken in the time known as BCE – Before Car Engine.

Unfortunately, one of the cars decided this was an ideal place to stop…and not start again.

Car #1 gets 'repacked' while car #2 dies a silent death.

Even so, being stranded on the desert road didn’t prevent us from gaming anyway!


Cramped gaming time is better than no gaming time at all!

We were eventually ‘rescued’…

Reality sinks in. We're stranded!

…and taken out of harm’s way…

The picturesque landscape conceals our heightened stress levels!

…but we spent more than 6 hours in Waiouru working on a solution.

Eventually part of the group backtracked to Taupo, hired a trailer, and the trip to Wellycon was back on…and what a weekend it was!

Takenoko: grow bamboo then get the panda to eat it...nom nom nom...

Despite appearances, the SeriouslyBoard stall (and the building) were not on a lean!

Lords Of Waterdeep, one of the most popular games at Wellycon 2012.

"You sunk my battleship!" Another loss for David on the high seas!

Even as the event wound down, the hall remained busy.

In all, we had a fantastic weekend, with plenty of gaming, giveaways, and even a spot on the industry panel alongside some local alumni.

And all this convention talk is just getting us even more excited for Board Games By The Bay!

(All photos courtesy of one of our intrepid travellers, Jason “Grand Tichu Master” Clague.)

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