Waitangi Wellycon Wrap-Up

A week ago, the SeriouslyBoard crew took a road trip to Wellington for Waitangi Wellycon, the board gaming gathering that is a precursor to the main event in June.

And for those of you who answered “What in the world is Wellycon?” in our latest poll, we should be able to help you out…

Our latest poll was about Wellycon, New Zealand’s biggest board gaming convention.

Are you planning to go to Wellycon 2011?

  • What in the world is Wellycon? (32%)
  • I’m thinking about it. (32%)
  • Yes!  I’ll be there for sure! (19%)
  • I’m going to both Waitangi Wellycon and the main Wellycon event! (15%)
  • I’m going to Waitangi Wellycon instead. (2%)

So to the 64% of you who aren’t currently planning to attend, either because you don’t know anything about Wellycon or for some other reason, we took a few moments to ask Andrew Rae, the event’s founder and organiser, to answer a few simple questions about Wellycon.

Wellycon attendees also get special benefits from SeriouslyBoard.  Those who went to Waitangi Wellycon went into the draw to win a $50 discount voucher, and we’ll email the winner today.  They also received a 10% discount off Endeavor and the entire Dominion range.

So hopefully that puts you in a better position to decide how you want to spend Queen’s Birthday Weekend in June!

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David and Angela